Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 20 - 2014 One Image a Day

Day 134 - Red Pickup
On May 13th it snowed eight inches to a foot around the valley. It was that wet, wet spring snow which fell in huge flakes and stuck to everything. The day before was grey and heavy. The clouds seemed to portend a change in the weather. I took the picture above on the day of the snow. And while it is first in today's review of the week it was the last of this set of seven I took. Actually there are more snow pictures sitting in the folder for Week 21. This week photographically ends with the red truck in the snow.

Day 135

The breezes of coming change were ruffling the reflections on one of my favorite ponds. Frequent followers will know there are two ponds which get included frequently in my weekly photography review. The photograph below is of the other pond and it was taken the same day as the Red Pickup.

Day 139 - Winter Wonderland

But back to the day before it snowed. When I first began water coloring in college I was overly fond of Payne's Grey and Prussian Blue. And the approaching storm created a Payne's Grey sort of day. I would love to paint the Cloud Horse below but I no longer have Payne's Grey in my palette. All the teachers that urged me to use more color would be thrilled.

Day 136 - Cloud Horse

Day 137 - Horse of Earth and Sky

Day 140 - Storm Horse

I want to take the three horse pictures above print them out, and mat and frame as a triptych. Photographers do not have to print their compositions until purchase or a competition. But that does not mean we do not consider it.

Day 138 

While I was focusing on the horses in the field behind me the sun was peeking through the clouds and lighting up the shore of Eagle Nest Lake and the top of Gold Knob. Always look behind you.

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