Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 48 - 2014 in Images

Day 330

Warning: The photographs in this blog may make you feel cold. When snow begins to melt wonderful ice formations appear. Two of my photographs this week reflect that. And then to warm myself up I threw in something colorful. Day 330 is ice melting on the outside of a window and condensation on the inside. The dual pane glass gives depth to this partnership.

And the waterfall below is unmelted snow, running water, and freezing falls. I made this photo black and white to take the rock colors out of the equation. The photograph is suppose to be about water in its many forms.

Day 331

Some of you may have seen the color version of the turkeys below on Binford's Back Country Photography. I decided to play around with it in black and white because of the shadows on the snow and the shapes of the aspens and turkeys in the shadows. It has an artistic flair the color one does not. So often photographs of birds and animals become just that. No matter how good the photo is in realistic color it is still in the realm of National Geographic and they always win. By making this black and white it becomes more of an artistic statement.

Day 332

Where I live the dawns are magical most days. The cameras sit right beside my computer and are easy to grab in case the opportunity to record a better than dawn arises. The one below was spectacular.

Day 333

And with salmon colored poppies and purple hollyhocks past, I have moved to recording studio flowers. My butterfly Amaryllis blooms each year about this time to appease me.

Day 334

Back to snow and ice. And black and white. Aspen forests in a snow storm must be black and white.

Day 335

This historic stream channel persists to amaze me. Fresh spring water flows through it regardless of the temperature of the air around it. And throughout our extended drought here in New Mexico it continues to flow. I wanted to get a closer photo of the lacy ice patterns but wading through the 18 inches of snow beat me. I did catch the water in mid fall.

Day 336
Now for a hot cup of coffee to warm up.

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