Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 50 - 2014 in Images

Day 344

Been in the studio painting all week and I believe that "colors" my photography or at least pushes it into a more creative realm of subject matter and colors and treatment. And I sometimes feel guilty about that and make a drastic swing back to more conventional photography, which is where the week ended.

But when the week began I was more like Alice through the looking glass trying to lose myself (or find myself) in mirrors and colors. I really am fond of the mirrors in the opening photograph. A hang over from my creative selfie adventures of last week. And the light on the fruits and vegetables below made them look like glass even before I applied an enamel filter in post processing.

Day 345

Day 346

Old trucks, mirrors of old trucks and the shiny chrome of old trucks are almost a staple of my photography portfolio. But I have only painted one old truck. And it was horses I was painting this week. These three pictures are the same old truck. And the one below is the color version of the black and white I previously posted. Trucks, like elephants, have so many different looks and angles. They are just more colorful.

Day 347

Until I had moved around to catch its profile I had no idea how long the nose of this International Truck was. It was almost an echo of the mountain range it stood before.

Day 348

I sometime wonder ho many pictures I have taken of Old Mike/Wheeler Peak. It is a stunning range when snow capped, and New Mexico provides the perfect blue sky, but I like it best with a bit of rock showing and clouds trying to shroud it. To me the photo below with the peaks just catching the sun coming up is a perfect shot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains inside the Enchanted Circle.

Day 349

The last photograph of the week is more mundane I suppose. And I will be honest I took this photo of the service station exhibit at the Eagle Nest Museum basically because I was surprised all the services provided were correctly spelled. I am told it is the original sign ergo predates spell check and teaching for the test.

Day 350

Two more weeks left in this year and there are no photos in Week 51 folder yet. I am still painting in the studio and creating another sketch in my mind so there is hope for the last two weeks of photography.

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