Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 51 - 2014 in Images

Day 351

Next to last week of the year which will end with eight photos. Took camera out this morning and did not take a single photo. Going to have to get on the ball or at least the shutter. Need to probably take it someplace special. It needs a trip of its own.  Perhaps tomorrow. The ice should be very nice on Coyote Creek.

Day 352
I delivered my commissioned painting yesterday to the proud new owners. In my opinion they have two of my best mixed media paintings, a photograph, and an early prize winning watercolor. So a word from my sponsor.

Mustang Mountain
19 x 44 Mixed Media on Canvas
My involvement with painting may be the reason I have been catch as catch can on my photography. Thinking in 2015 I may give myself weekly assignments to keep me on my toes.

Day 353

Winter weather did make its appearance this last week and with it some new takes on the landscape. And a new SLR selfie through the melting snow on a window. I was admonished recently for not taking my camera to Taos on a shopping trip with a new friend. I frankly could see no reason to do so because I do not take pictures of people beyond the odd selfie and the dark silhouette in the bottom picture. And unless I am with another photographer I am strange company with my camera. I think non-photographers do not understand that. But perhaps one of my assignments in the coming year should be candid photos of people.

Day 354

After all I used to not take photographs of flowers until I assigned them to myself this summer. The snowy weather also added to this photo by adding texture to the studio window behind it.

Day 355

And the snow on the window added to the depth of this mirror reflection on Big Blue.

Day 356

And I took this picture of the first ever Angel Fire Community Christmas tree lighting. I did not want to cary a tripod so I got to use a couple gymnastic moves to stead the camera for this shot. The person in the foreground was just happenstance.

Day 357

Hope you and yours are having a great holiday season. 

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