Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week One - 2015 in Photos

Day One

Beginning of a new year of 365 Photography Challenge. Still time to begin your own challenge. A great way to keep your eye sharp and your camera within easy reach. And try to keep up your enthusiasm in January.

Day Two

When I need color I just go to photographing cars, tractors and green house flowers. But there have been some great epiphanies with trees this winter. I find when I feel reluctant to aim and shoot it is time to push, stop and take a few more minutes to find the beauty in a stark winter scene. Easy with snow. Especially the fairyland snow of Day Three.

Day Three

But when the snow has gotten glossy, the ponds frozen, the skies grey, and the trees bare of even a bird it is a bit harder to keep up my enthusiasm. That said the following photographs of winter trees have been rewarding. Love particularly Day Four with the grey skies, and stark outlines of branches and trunks.

Day Four

Day Five was a lone Aspen trunk against a stucco wall with snow falling. And I was in a I-need-color mode. Posted directly below it is the original photo. One of the things I want to do in the 365 Day Challenge for 2015 is randomly post the original of a modified photograph.

Day Five

Original of Day Five

And once a month I want to focus on a subject for the majority of the week. This week was trees and the shadows they cast as in Day Six below. Winter gives us long and dark shadows especially of the melt and freeze slick coating of old snow in the woods. Trees are five of this week's seven.

Day Six

In January we have only gotten slight changes of some snow but the photo below was taken the morning after a 10% chance of 1/2 inch of snow max. I really liked the results because the little bit of snow does not hide the skeleton of the trees. And on the morning I took Day Seven it was clearing but also still snowing. The air seemed to sparkle.

Day Seven

If you want to get in on the process one day at a time check out Binford-Bell Studio on Facebook.

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