Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week Two - 2015 in Images

Day 8

I began the week with color. January can be so grey sometimes. But then a freezing fog turned the drabness to a fairy wonderland and I got drawn back into landscape. So it is a mixed bag this week: three for color and four landscapes.

I toyed around with making the photo below more colorful and there is even a black and white version. I have watched the sun hit this corner for a couple weeks. I liked the strong bands of light intermixed with the textures of the wicker and the pillow. This particular post processing solution seemed to bring out those bands of light most and add to the contemplative nature of the Buddha.

Day 9

Freezing fog  produces ice crystals on the branches and needles of the trees. And causes ice crystals to fall from blue skies. It is a fleeting effect, and does not form evenly. I am unsure as to why it will be on one side of a tree and not another. But I do know once the sun is up and fully on the ice it melts. I love the forecast of a freezing fog.

Day 10

I have used these two colorful chairs as props for orchid pictures. But on this particular day as I was re-positioning them  to serve that purpose I decided they enjoyed their own moment in the spot light.

Day 11

Pet sitting is my "day job." It fills in the bare spots in the art market. And it gets me out of the house with my camera when I might just sit at home and brood on winter days. Sometimes I quickly attend to my furry charges and go home, but others are just too fine to not take Big Blue on an outing. And so the landscape photographs.

Day 12

Since the landmarks are the same I try for a different take on the scenery. I had on the long lens for this photograph and the last one for the week. I thought of switching to the wide angle but stopped myself. Why not an up close and personal view of the mountains that surround me. I like the results on Old Mike and Wheeler. Day 14 is Touch Me Not. The sky was boring but the hills brushed with the freezing fog were great.

Day 13

Why day 13 did not get posted with the other freezing fog photos is the barb wire in the foreground. Oh, yes I could have cloned it out but then why not clone out the snow fence. It was when debating that I realized both of them echoed the slant of the tree line in the distance. And it is a perfect illustration of the freezing fog only effecting parts of the tree and a portion of all the trees. And who says every photo I post in the 365 Day challenge has to be perfect. They are instead illustrations of the steps in my learning process.

Day 14

Tomorrow begins Week 3. Stay tuned day by day at Binford-Bell Studio's Page.

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  1. Jacqui, your photos are stunning. I love them all but particularly the Buddha photo. And you know already that I feel the lovely chairs are very Van Gough.


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