Monday, May 25, 2015

Left Behind, a Magpie Tale

Still Life 1907 by John F. Peto
Visual prompt provided by Magpie Tales

this earth
Leaving behind
his hat
and umbrella.

He left us
the remains of his life.
We are 
what we leave behind
in others.

Left behind
a hat, umbrella 
and bag of memories
of the little things.

J. Binford-Bell
May 2015

John F. Peto painted still lifes.
He was largely unrecognized in his lifetime.
He died in November 1907 and this may well have been his last composition.
He left it behind.


  1. And in life we tend to think that some possessions are important. Then we die and we don`t take them with us. Nice write.

  2. Favorite line "We are what we leave behind in others." Good write.

  3. The simplest things can be so precious.Quite lovely.
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  4. Hopefully we all leave behind such treasure.

  5. Lovely, but it’s the bag of memories, little or not, which are the most precious legacy.

  6. luv your sharing of memories

    much love...


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