Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 21 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 141

Definitely a landscape week. Rains washed everything clean and even the aspens looked more starkly white. I think I like aspens without leaves even more than when they are a glorious gold in the fall.

Day 142

Aspens in a grove are almost always one huge plant. So different groves will have different features. Those in the small grove pictured in Day 142 are very tall but not as straight as those in Day 141. I love the quirks in the trunks of Day 142.

Day 143
Coyote Creek winding its way south

The rains made everything green and they filled the streams and the wetlands and ponds. And the rains provided the noisy skies which I favor in a landscape photograph over the wonderful blue of New Mexico skies on most days. After several years of drought green is a wonderful color too.

Day 144

I have taken this view before but the clouds, light and green made it special this time. And I have taken and posted several pictures of the wintered over cat tails in this wetland. But the rains raised the water level more than a foot, and the clouds reflections in the water add an extra dimension.

Day 145

One of he first plants to bloom here in the highlands is the currant. I was drawn to the mix of colors between the aspen trunks, the adobe walls and the intense spring green of the current bush in blossom.

Day 146

And frequent viewers will not doubt recognize where the Montana scenes of Lonesome Dove where filmed. I do not know if there is a bad picture that can be taken of Black Lake cienega. The current Black Lake lake is off to the left in this photograph but I am told in prehistory all this meadow was a lake. And with our spring rains the Coyote Creek spills over and creates little ponds through this whole peat valley. The clouds cast wonderful shadows and even obscured Wheeler Peak which often steals the show.

Day 147

Great week to have a camera and the time to tour the neighborhood.

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