Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 18 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 120

Spring time in the Rockies. One day snow and the next day melt. We have been in a prolonged drought so every bit of moisture, even if it is the white fluffy stuff, is welcome. February 7th our snowpack was 87% of the 30 year average, but since that date we have gotten lots of snow. And lots of melt. I have photographed both.

Day 121

It is nice to see ponds and wetlands full of water. A spring with a reduced wildfire risk needs lots of water to keep the remains of last fall damp and foster new green growth.

Day 122

Spring is a season of contrasts and the photo above of the dead aspen and the live aspen represents that to me. So does the first photograph with patches of snow and green grass side by side. Or Day 121 with hints of new green showing through the dried grasses of last fall.

Day 123

And then there is the contrast between Day 123 and Day 124 taken just a couple days apart. The heavy, wet foot of snow pictured in the photos below was beautiful even if it dropped power lines and put us in a blackout for more than twelve hours. But it melted within a day filling our streams and ponds.

Day 124

Snow works well with black and white. But I loved the gentle colors of the photograph below with the soft dawn rising through thinning clouds.

Day 125

Spring snow clings to everything creating sculptures and bringing down fences and power lines. The photo below is by back yard. One winter we had five foot drifts and the dogs could walk over the fence so I topped it with chicken wire. This snow clung to it and bent it into an interesting snake along the fence.

Day 126

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  1. Luminous. Your work has a shimmering, luminous quality. Most of our snow is of the clinging sort. We are usually white for a few months, it varies per year, but we don't get that cold. I would prefer winter a bit colder and brighter. This spring has been splendid,


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