Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mag 280 - By the Sea

Visual Prompt provided by Magpie Tales
By the sea
Waiting to be returned
The relic lies.
Washed ashore
By the last

Waiting to leave
Like the others before
A visitor from another land
Above or below
 the rising sea.

They wade by
Debating the strangling's orgin
How far away on the waves
Had it come
Did its people miss it?
Or were they missing?

J. Binford-Bell
July 2015


  1. Yes. The final question begs us to consider who or what may be missing. Lovely series of thoughts.

  2. There is a certain sense of loss/lost with this.

  3. And all those merchant seamen, all those lost, know the answers...

  4. Excellent write!! I like the analogy of the mask bing flotsam on the sea!

  5. Sounds like a fun mystery.

  6. Sometimes it can hold true for the humans too; those who move away from their people searching for greener pastures only to realize later that they are left alone! Well written!

  7. That last line is brilliant! Love suspense in a poem. ♥

  8. often when lonely, I wonder if everyone is missing from my life or If I am missing from all of there's


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