Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 28 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 190

Photography is all about light. It is about recording light. First on photographic plates and then on film and now a digital memory card. And to me the best images are about light. As in the photograph above which shows the light edging the clouds. Or below where the light is just beginning to illuminate the iris blowing in the shadows of a building.

Day 191

Light and shadow is an important part of my attraction to the four deck chairs below. That really shows up in a black and white photograph which is all about light and dark.

Day 192

Capturing my black labradoodle as something other than a black blob is all about catching the light dancing off her coat. It helps that she is silvering out.

Day 193

Light is essential to the photograph below. It is about light in my opinion. But many viewers of this image have interpreted based on their faith. One was sure I had to be praying when I took the shot. Actually focusing. Though if you are into the chop wood/carry water forms of meditation I was at least meditating. Taking a photograph in marginal light requires a stillness within yourself.

Day 194

Day 195

Taking a photograph of something white is almost as difficult as something black. Too much light and not enough shadow and you "blow out" the image. The subtle shadows in the depths of the peony make the image work.

Day 196

I was attracted to the contrast of the delicate flower lying on the rough stone, the difference in texture, the soft petals and the hard lichen. But the shadows cast by the flower and the plant it fell from makes the photo.

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