Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 30 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 204

Week 30 and not a single flower photograph. For the lovers of flower photographs there will no doubt be some next week. The hollyhocks should be in full bloom any day now. For me the week was not so much about taking pictures but culling through pictures already taken. And a horrid toothache I had. See Sidetracked Charley for that story.

I culled through photographs from 2011 into 2013. Not finished with that year yet but the number of pictures I had not done anything with got me reviewing the last few photographic folders of this current year and finding treasures I had overlooked. So since being quiet worked best for the toothache I worked the dry darkroom and painted in my studio. The painting I am working on is inspired by my trip to Johnson Mesa and the Folsom, New Mexico area and all but two of these photos are from that trip.

I absolutely love the photos I took of the church on Johnson Mesa and so you will no doubt see more of them. Before the snow falls I really must go back. Fall sounds like a delightful time. Summer has been so lush and wet and the grass over the drainage field is three feet high. I am letting the grass go to seed to replenish my property. Took the picture below from the ground up to give you an idea of the grass.

Day 205

Back to Folsom, a dying town I really must explore more. Like I said, Fall. Can you imagine the Folsom Hotel with the trees all red and gold. Photographers take not just the picture before them but their minds make notes about the pictures to come.

Day 206

Meanwhile dawn on my home grounds happened. Monsoon time makes for wonderful clouds to act as a canvas for the morning sun.

Day 207

Back to Folsom area. The greens are so varied. I am having trouble with that in my painting. I am used to canyons more than grasslands. But I cannot help to wonder what the color of this Laughlin Peak will be come fall. I will return.

Day 208

And then there are there are the Folsom trucks. They will remain the same color. But I have no doubts that if I were afoot with my camera there would be more to be found.

Day 209

I do not know what it is about photographers and painters that so loves an old truck but on my tour of Folsom there was a woman who did not do either and she remembered exactly where these two trucks were and made sure we stopped.

Day 210

So the tooth causing all the pain is gone. I will be out with the camera again. My less than two year old Nikon D3200 failed for the second time on this trip. Thankfully I had my trusty Nikon D90 with me. And culling through my files from 2011 through June 2013 has once again shown that it is not about the camera. And I like my D90 better.

The Nikon D3200 is coming back hopefully next week. It was the auto focus system which failed both times. Should be on a recall in my humble opinion. It was one of the attempts to put the drive motor in the lens instead of the camera to make the camera lighter. It makes it slower and the weight is still there because you do not carry the camera without the lens. Cannon did not do any better with the experiment. My sister finds the auto focus lens fail. And the Nikon Website for service sucks.

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