Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 31 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 211
Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico

I begun this week with a black and white. But the what follows is definitely colorful. Just when I thought poppy season was over one more bloomed. And did it rather well too.

Day 212
Last Poppy in Black Lake

Flowers have their seasons and that is especially true of wild flowers. With our abundant rains this year all the wild flowers have gotten to shine. After I took the one below of a great Mullen stalk just beginning to bloom all the rest followed suit. I have pictures not yet published of fields of this plant the native populations used for respiratory problems. They made a tea of its leaves. And also added it to tobacco to avoid lung problems when smoking it. Too bad our first settlers didn't pay more attention.

Day 213
Great Mullen begins to bloom

The monsoonal rain storms also make for some great dawns with the light off the lingering clouds.

Day 214
Dawn from my studio in Black Lake

In spite of all the flash flood warnings I did get through the Cimarron Canyon to visit the town of Cimarron. It is far more colorful and interesting than the tasteful and boring mountain cabins of Angel Fire, New Mexico. At least for a photographer. Before I became known for my photographs the camera was a tool to record what I wanted to paint. I am still considering doing a street in Cimarron in a painting.

Day 215
Empty building in Cimarron, New Mexico

Love this door. Considering changing out the trim of the Binford-Bell Studio to more resemble this. It is a French door which is painted blue. And the wall is gray. If you are in the neighborhood stop by and give me some suggestions.

Day 216
Door in Cimarron, New Mexico

You should not leave your camera in the hot car. And who would want to. So it is with me when I spot things like these antique bottles in an antique store window. The view was better from the inside out.

Day 217
Bottles in the window of an antique store

The Nikon D3200 is still at the Nikon service facility. At least that is what they say. But I think they have lost it. They photos were all taken with the trusty D90. The D3200 has been in for repairs of the auto focus twice in less than two years so when I go out to take photographs the D90 comes along just in case. I should have bought the Nikon D7100. Saving my pennies. But maybe if Nikon lost the D3200 I can get them to give me the camera I want instead.

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