Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 34 - 2015 in Photographs - Forgotten Treasures

Day 232
Door in Las Vegas, New Mexico

This week's photographs were all taken from previous photographic treks. I was busy doing new treks and had unearthed these while culling through folders. All these were not post processed until this last week. Photographs I had overlooked because of time or just the size of folders they were in. Or in the case of the Las Vegas photographs I had gone down to take pictures of the Longmire filming and taken these while waiting for more activity on the set.

I came home from Las Vegas, New Mexico and immediately post processed the photographs of interest for a post on Facebook with a promise to come back to the rest of the images in the file. Just took me several months.

Day 233
Church in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Day 234
Highlands University building
Las Vegas, New Mexico

 The campus of Highlands University is used a lot for the filming of the Longmire series on Netflix, as is the historic plaza and the Plaza Hotel. I had taken an earlier photographic trek where my focus was that area. Love old buildings and Highlands has a few too like the one above. And it is situated close to the new downtown and seemingly all the churches. Plenty of fodder for a bored photographer.

Day 235

 Walking back to where I had parked the car I passed through a section of town with older buildings used as attorney offices, and, no doubt, rentals for students living off campus. The second floor balcony lattice work on the porch complete with fake flowers on a March day spoke of student days. Great place to study.

Day 236
Porch details

The last two of this week's offerings came from a day trip my sister and I took 3 or 4 years ago into the Zuni Mountains near her then home in San Fidel. We were out with the dogs and the Jeep and Debbie was introducing me to her stamping grounds.

Day 237
Offering in Zuni Mountains

But both of us were surprised when we happened upon the hidden oasis below. It was a drought year and water is always allusive. Our dogs were hot and wanted to swim. The photo below is the opening to what was a series of waterfalls and four pools. The dogs enjoyed the last pool which was big enough for them to swim in, and we recording all the rest.

Day 238
Oasis in the Zuni Mountains

I have more folders marked from my culling process to revisit. But I have also been out with another photographer friend and making new memories. Next week some of those will be in this weekly blog. And probably the next week too. I took over 250 photos, and no doubt some of those will become forgotten treasures like these.

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