Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 32 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 218
Palisades in Cimarron Canyon
 As you may see if your follow the day numbers I posted these on my Binford-Bell Studio page in a different order than they appear here. And both orders are totally different than how they were taken. Days 218, 219 and 220 were taken on a trip to Cimarron. Day 223 and Day 224 while on a dog walk around Monte Verde lake. The last two photos - 222 and 221 were last October. And just recently unearthed while culling through photographs and deleting the chaff.

Originally the concept of the photographers who began the 365 Day challenge was to take a photo each day. I probably mostly do that. But they are not all winners so do not find up as the photo I post for that day. And then you have days that are golden like October 20, 2014 which is a photographic folder which in itself represents several days of photography. October 20 is just the day I got home and uploaded the digital images to the computer. It contained more than 200 photographs.

That is hard to post process all at once so I changed my 365 Day Challenge rules a couple years back to include photos I got around to a lot later. But almost a year is quite a lot later.

Day 219
Palisades in Black and white

 If you go out with your camera and capture ten possible gems a whole week of posts might be that one day. Just those the top of those ten photos. Rather like the Republican Fox news debates. I took only three pictures walking around the local lake because I was walking Magique and talking to Polly. So two of the three are posted next.

Day 224

Day 223
Great Mullen 

Then it dawned me I was getting dull. I post processed an over looked photograph from the week I went to Cimarron. And then in my culling process I found two I had ignored among a huge file like I said before. Actually three because one leads off this next week. It sits there with a couple others waiting to be debuted. The others are from the very next folder in sequence. One of those epic trips to an urban landscape. I love doing buildings. Especially old buildings.

Day 220

 I also really like doors and windows. Especially old doors and windows. Windows next week.

Day 221
Ranchos de Taos

Day 222
Abandoned fire station

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