Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 14 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 92

The first two photos in this week were taken before the snow. In fact the weather was spring like and winter snow was rapidly melting. It was the first week in April. There is a quality of light which occurs after the spring equinox which I find enchanting. Water is more reflective and contrasts more dramatic. If you have been working hard in March to come up with great landscapes you almost feel as if you are cheating when you get to April.

Day 93

And if it happens to snow then the snow looks almost magical. The five photographs which follow were taken after the sun came up on the newly fallen snow.

Day 94

We got about six to eight inches but the clear blue sky and projected high temp for the day said it would not be here long. Thus inspired I threw on my snow boots with my pajamas and chanced out to capture the first two shots of the newly fallen snow.

Day 95

Then changing out of my PJ's I hopped in the pickup and made the rounds to some of my favorite locations for photographs. The deer in the photograph below were an unexpected gift as I circled Monte Verde Lake hoping for photo opportunities of geese on the lake.

Day 96

Yes, I have my favorite places to go. But then every once in a while a new opportunity shows up. The light through the tall pines in the photograph below was too good to miss.

Day 97

Day 98, however is a familiar assemblage of trees and one of my favorite ponds. On this particular snowy morning the contrast of blue and white was wonderful.

Day 98
The snow was rapidly melting and falling off the branches of the aspens. By April 2nd you would not have known it snowed at all. It was as if it was an April Fool's prank. One I fully enjoyed.

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