Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 17 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 113
 Spring can be an iffy thing in the mountains of New Mexico. Winter has respites from bad weather. And spring has breaks from nice weather. But I rather like spring snow. It is wet and melts fast but when it is around it sticks to things and adds a new dimension like to the branches of an Aspen tree with a early Robin.

Day 114

 Spring also changes the clouds and even the color of clouds. And if creates temporary ice sculptures.

Day 115

 And, as I said, the snow and the storms which brought the snow don't hang around long.

Day 116

You have to be out and about early with your camera to capture the fairy land created over night.

Day 117

Consequently many of the photographs are in my neighborhood or very close by. An hour later and they will have melted back into spring. The photo above in my road. And the ones below are neighbors' property.

I love the dark Payne's Grey of the clouds after a spring snow. It is such a wonderful contrast to the frosting on all the trees.

Day 118

Day 119
So, as a photographer and someone who lived on the front lines of a forest fire, I do not bitch about spring snows even though it is interrupting my gardening.

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