Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 18 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 120

Rather a mixed bag of tricks this week at the end of April and beginning of May. And it was rather a mixed bag as far as weather too. And things going on. I would like to say I earn enough to be able to do photography full time but no. Not yet. So I do some odd jobs and pet sitting and property care. And this week I had to throw in garden prep. If that last does not get done I don't get to eat organic green things all summer long.

Day 121
 The camera always goes with me. Except for yesterday. I left it home. I do that every once in a while and always find at least one reason I should have taken it. It was new goslings. But if you have a camera you see the world a bit differently and not bringing it is like hitting reset on an electronic devise. It clears the clutter.

Day 122

 One of the things I wished I had the camera for yesterday was this Hibiscus with a flower in full bloom. Hoping it or another bud is still there today. 

Day 123

This large ceramic piece is in the same greenhouse. And looks like it will be a fountain in the near future. I love taking care of greenhouses. It gives me a break from spring as represented in the next three photographs. But I do like what snow and frost can do to the landscape and objects. Especially spring snow because it falls gently and is wet enough to stick to things so even a fence has charm.

Day 124

But aspens are the best pallet for spring snow. And they never seem to get old. I must have hundreds of snowy bare branches photographs. 

Day 125

 And even lawn chairs left out can look fantastic. Their simple lines make them wonderful to play around with in any photo editing program. I liked this because of the Easter egg colors in contrast with the winter white.

Day 126

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