Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 20 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 135

A week of landscapes and flowers. Mixed weather and mixed moods. I am so ready for summer or at least spring.

Day 136

 Taking care of greenhouses as helped with ennui about the never, never land between winter and summer. Here in the mountain west spring is a sometimes thing. And it is not unheard of to have winter one day and summer the next. And the absence of spring may be why so many of us have greenhouses or sun porches or studios which are crowded with plants both ornamental and vegetable.

Day 137

 An orchid or hibiscus in bloom keeps your attention away from the wintery mix (NOAA's term) just outside the windows.

Day 138

But when you do look outside there are those treasured skies filled with clouds and lit by the rising sun.

Day 134

Day 139

 I am still looking for the dawn photograph to end all dawn photographs. Or the photograph of the Sangre de Cristos to totally define them as a mountain range. The one below I translated into a painting in my style. What I took from the photograph was the basic elements, and then added my feeling of color. My yearning for spring.

Day 140

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