Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 21 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 141
 Three photographs in color and four in black and white. I used to do no black and white processing. I am a color person. My paintings are full of color and my photography followed suit. But I had a whole period of art in which I did pen and ink in black and white and added just one accent color.

Black and white is also a good way of reducing a painting to the bare essentials so I can produce a drawing from it to use as a basis for sketch for a painting. And I used to do photography just as a way to research paintings.

Day 142

 The photograph below is in color for this week but I have it in the folder for next week as a black and white.

Day 144

 It is a difficult leap to take a photograph with deep blues and desaturate it black and white but the whites of the aspen barks are stark elements in the photograph below.

Day 145

And the old building in Ocate was almost over-powdered by the colors. I tried it in black and white just to see what I would get and also to make it an easier subject to draw.

Day 143

Day 146
 And the old building with the three wash tubs was so fractured with discordant colors I wanted to see it in black and white. Again to draw it and then to paint it with my own choice of colors.

Day 147
Another look at the building in Day 143. Generally I do not do back and white of a photograph with a quiet sky but there isn't much sky.

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