Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 37 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 253

A week in the neighborhood. Wasn't aware most of the pictures I posted in the 366 Day photographic challenge this week were in my neighborhood. Six of them were taken on the morning walk with my dog. Photograph 253 was on a drive to Eagle Nest and so only 10 miles from my house.

Day 254
 Photo 254 was a reflection in my studio window at the end of a morning walk. I think my grim expression was just concentration. As the days move toward winter there is a change in the morning light. Photography is all about light as so familiar things I pass on our walk(almost always at 8) look different. Like the old rail fence just down the road.

Day 255

 Or the house at the end of the road. Especially in morning fog. It is a vacation home and yet of late nobody seems to vacation there. If I let my imagination stray I think of it as sort of haunted. A house without an owner because they died somewhere else. 

Day 256
 And of course there is the Sentinel Pine just across the road from me. On this occasion it was without its usual ensemble of crows, magpies and a hawk or two. Out on the evening hunt I suppose. I think the afternoon rain storm had just passed and I was standing on my driveway checking on the status of the sunset.

Day 257
 And the photograph below is of the same tree from a different perspective and at sunrise. Magique and I have taken to some of our older and more strenuous walks now that we do not have to gauge them for a very old poodle. Mardi loved her morning walks to within a couple days of her passing. She, however, chose the route and they did not include hills.

Day 258
 I conclude the week's review with morning light on yellow wildflowers. They are Cowpen Daisies I believe. 

Day 259

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