Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 38: 2016 in Photographs

Day 260

Lots going on in the fall. It gets busy in a resort area even while the tourist season is ramping down. It is when everything we have not had enough time to get done stacks up with everything which has to be done before winter. Photography becomes my escape from the busy, busy, busy list of things to do. Remind me of that when I gripe about what did not get done before the snow flew.

Day 261
But it is so beautiful now. Each day seems to bring new changes in the colors and the light, and in the activity of birds and animals also preparing for the change of seasons.

Day 262

When I doubt this habit of posting a photo daily through the year I just look back at the folders for each week of previous years and see them as a visual journal of life. Of my life. And the living things around me.

Day 263

The Iceland poppies were a surprise this year. It took me a while to remember scattering seeds a couple years back. So their blossoms this fall were a gift.

Day 264

As are the skies this transition period between summer and fall.

Day 265

Day 266

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