Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week 41 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 281

We have been enjoying what is called Indian Summer here in the high country. It is that extra long fall or the warm days after a series of hard frosts. It isn't just about the unseasonably warm weather or the fall colors or the delay of winter weather. It is known for its clarity of light and water and air and colors. Great for photographers.

Day 282

 This year the aspens have been fantastic. It isn't just because last year they weren't that great. The have turned colors slowly and there has been no freezing rains or winter type storms to knock the leaves off. If you live here long enough you become a scholar of the good years of color. And as a photographer you are always looking for the best trees to record.

Day 283

Day 284

Of a novel way of photographing them. Everyone is out there with their iPhones. Cars pull over at every colorful grove along the road. The trees are always taller away from the road.

And the golds more brilliant when the sun breaks through the clouds and lights them up.

Day 285

Day 286
 Or they are set apart by the dark greens of the conifers or the intense blue of the skies.

Day 287

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  1. We enjoyed those weeks of blue and gold in Christina Lake. Here in Nakusp they are all too often marred by valley cloud. The more stable the weather, the more persistent that small layer of fog that seals off the valley and traps cold air underneath. Glad to share your light.


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