Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 42 - Fall, Glorious Fall/ 2016 in Photographs

Day 288
 What an absolutely wonderful autumn it has been this year. And this will not be the last week of photographs of glorious aspens and miraculous skies. There is no snow in the next seven days. But I like pictures of snow on the aspens. And the ski resort town I live near is bemoaning the warm days. But for those of use disappointed by last year's poor showing of gold on our hills this has been a banner year. And I have yet to make a trip down to the Rio Grande to take in the cottonwoods.

Day 289
 My favorite aspen groves have done themselves proud. And so has my new Nikon D7100.

Day 290
 There has been so much color that I feel impelled at times to revert to black and white for balance. Aspens are more than just color. They are delicate ballerinas on hill tops and black and white shows that.

Day 291
 And with so many beautiful trees to photograph I find myself looking for unique ways to photograph them.

Day 292
 And showoff the glorious color.

Day 293
 Or the delicate structure.

Day 294

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