Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 26 - 2017 in Photographs

All About Flowers

Day 176
 This week was all about flowers. Because they were there. And also because I did not have to go far to find them. Sometimes my day jobs get in the way of hopping in the truck and going on a photo trek. But while I don't paint flowers I do photograph them.

Day 177
 And because of a wet spring there has been a lot of flowers in bloom whether in open fields or my flower beds. And the advantage of the flower beds is I can take a ten minute break from my gardening, deck improvements, and new flower beds to capture a moment in time and light and color.

Day 178
 And for a bit of diversion I played with flowers in black and white. I am particularly fond of the poppy below in B&W. The intense red color seems to obscure the structure of this showy flower. And it is just as eye catching without the color.

Day 179

Day 180
 Day 180 is the Austrian rose which I thought was dead. I had two in my front bed on either side of the irises and one oriental poppy. One of the roses bloomed this year. And the poppy gave forth with a lot of flowers instead of its usual one or two a season. They helped make up for the demise of my salmon poppies in the curve of the driveway.

Day 181
 And to wrap the week up is this tiny Rosemary bloom. This coming week is all about skies.

Day 182

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