Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week 29 - 2017 in Photographs

Water on the High Plains

Day 197
Laughlin Peak

One of the great places to go which is very close to my home but "out of Dodge" is the Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge in the central high plains. When you live surrounded by mountains escaping to the wild open plains can be a world away, and definitely out of Dodge. The first time I visited this jewel in the midst of ranch country it was in the middle of a drought. That has not deterred me from returning. And I was rewarded this trip with more water in the lakes and more water birds to photograph and clouds reflected in the water.

Day 198

Day 199

I also went to visit nearby Stubblefield Lake (lake 11 but not within the refuge). Lakes within the refuge are lakes 12, 13 and 14. I can only assume the other lakes are within the water management area but on private land like Stubblefield or have dried up. Stubblefield has a a 1.7 mile earthen damn which continues to Laguna Madre Lake. I don't know its number but it is on my list for my next visit to the high plains.

Day 200
 All of these lakes are part of a water management district based on the old acequia systems from the days of Spanish occupation and the Anasazi. Water in New Mexico is a precious commodity and something you once could get shot for stealing. Rumor has it you still can.

Day 201

The Southwest monsoon season has begun and hopefully all these lakes will capture the water so it can be shared and also provide for the wildlife which depends upon it. Rain falling on the mountains will make its way down to the creeks, streams, acequias, and lakes. I want to go back after this rainy season and check on these lakes.

Day 202
 Pelicans, antelope, elk, deer, herons, and even bears will benefit. As well as the cattle, buffalo, and camels (yes, camels) on the surrounding ranch land. Residents of New Mexico quickly learn the etiquette of crossing private lands to be able to fish state managed waterways. Carry a fishing rod or camera and follow the dirt tracks and a world of silence and beauty opens up to you.

Day 203

Always be a good neighbor, and a great visitor, and you are welcome. And never despoil the water.

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