Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week 28 - 2017 in Photographs

Day 190
California Poppy
 When the flowers bloom in the high country you have to pay homage. For me that is capturing them in photographs. We have a garden club here in the high country. I could never belong because I take what I get and love them natural but this year after the massacre of my salmon colored poppy bed I actually built a flower bed and planted more poppies safe from people who don't watch where they are driving.

Oriental poppies, like those destroyed, bloom once a year so I bought California Poppies and Icelandic poppies to fill in until the new orientals bloom next summer. What a joy.

Day 191
Icelandic Poppy

Day 192
Oriental Poppy
 The garden club is having a grand reception in August and they asked the artists to add flowers to our airport exhibit where the reception is being held. Day 192 and 193 are two of the three photographs I am having printed on canvas this week to hang for that show. 

Day 193
But flowers hold my focus just so long. All photographers have favorite subjects and I am basically landscape. And skyscapes.

Day 194
Besides I had been home too long and so I took off to a nearby wildlife refuge in search of water fowl and grasses. And reflections and waterscapes which will be featured in the week ahead.

Day 195

Day 196
Landlocked pelicans

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