Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Left - a poem

I Left

I’ve left
Without saying goodby
Quietly in some silence
I turned off the lights
And tiptoed through some door

I left the key
Inside in the dark somewhere
It lays there in the silence
Unlooked for
I closed the door behind me.

Goodby I said just I to me
And looked down the long hall
For some place to go
Some other door to open
And was relieved
To find the hall silent.

I had to go
I could no longer stand the noise
So while It was quiet
I left through a door
Not the one I had entered.

I never even packed
I leave now with less
With fewer dreams and hopes
What I take with me
I found outside the door
More precious
Than that I left behind.

I give you all I left
But just leave me go
For I am gone
Nothing can hold me now
For while you slept with your dreams
I left

(c) Jacqui Binford-Bell

There are so many ways of leaving. Sometimes we just leave in our minds. A leaving that would have been routine for some reason becomes significant. Not just lovers but friends, places, hotel rooms, jobs, even issues. And our old selves. We turn a new leaf and walk out.

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