Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a photograph today

I have been taking pictures of trees and bushes lately in order to add variety of shape and color to these details in what I call my "Hill and Dale" pictures of the northern part of New Mexico. It was such a lovely arrangement of shapes, textures, and colors. And the early morning light coming over the walls of Embudo Canyon added to it.

My sister is a serious photographer. I was once. Now I am a serious painter, and I use my digital Nikon SLR as a tool. I will likely print out this picture and tack it up in the studio with other photos I took lately and use it for inspiration and reference, but it is a lovely photograph in its own right.

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  1. Such a lovely photo...all these plants changing into their fall dresses! Except of course,the sage bush; I understand its color does not change? What an interesting palette nature has chosen for it...makes me think of waving fronds of underwater plants. A hold over from when the area indeed was a sea bed, perhaps!


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