Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Multi-Blog Poetry Wednesday

I believe my poem for today is a repost but when I went through my word files looking for it to save myself the retyping I was unable to find it. So maybe it was one I wrote and never posted. It seemed so very appropriate for today because many of my fellow bloggers have written of late in prose and poetry of stopping to reassess the direction their lives are taking or reflect on their lives.

The Path

I am not sure
Where I was heading
What direction I had chosen
It seemed more about
Just keeping on
One foot before the other.

I have not stopped
Of late to check the distance
Or the path I had chosen
It has been a while it seems
Since there has been a fork
A choice to make.

I have not questioned
The path I walk
Or the direction it was heading
Or where I wanted to head
It was not always clear or easy
Just a way to go.

I never considered
Turn back or pausing for too long
If asked I might have said
It just seemed the way to go
Though to what destination
I could not have answered.

I never considered
Stopping as an option
It was a journey
Never questioned
Toward a goal
Ill defined.

So imagine finding
The path you are on
Is going where you want
And where that is
Is closer
Than you had

(c) J. Binford-Bell December 2008

My dear friend Bev, and superior poet, rejoins us this week after a long absence. Let us all welcome her back.


  1. Not sure of my path at this present time but I hope I reach a point where I too can say it's going where I want....

  2. I really enjoyed your poem... sounds very familiar to me too... I guess these are words many of us can relate to and understand... :)

  3. I do think I have posted it previously on Y!360 and just failed to keep a word copy of it for my files, Brendarose.

    But I also like to use wording that others can relate to.

  4. Well some reflections are private, maybe at the time, you thought it, but wasnt ready to share it.
    Mine took ages to share.
    But now l realise l am moving on from the past, and am looking forward to what is going to happen.
    l too enjoyed your poem Jacqui too.
    and thankyou for adding mine to your poetry list.
    when one is creating, one doesnt think of lists lol...
    thanks again.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.