Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday's Foto

I am going to be very busy this weekend with the arts fair and I am not sure if I will blog much but I thought I would start the weekend off with a picture from my archives.

This is one of the hundreds of pictures I took on my sister's and my roadtrip to Lake Powell. And it is probably the origin of my people in the canyons paintings. The huge and glum looking sentry to the right of the Escalante Canyon opening was not the first I had seen on the trip (and no I was not drinking or smoking) but it was one of the most obvious. He reminds me of an Egyptian priest or one of the temple guards of some ancient Ming dynasty. But the magical quality of the flooded canyons of southern Utah made me see him as a god or goddess of these enchanted lands. And it made me wonder how many others were watching our lonely passage down Lake Powell in a houseboat. Or was it the Queen's barge?

So this stone guardian was the beginning of my visionary approach to paintings of canyons.

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  1. it took me a while to see him but i eventually did...


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