Sunday, July 26, 2009

July in New Mexico

I was asked for more photos from Michael. And since I definitely had more photos I decided to put together a slide show of pictures taken over the four days my sister was here and we were off-roading in her Jeep.

July is the monsoon season in the New Mexico mountains. The combination of moisture rich winds coming up from the south and the heating of the New Mexico sun creates a situation where clouds always seem to be forming or burning off. As we climbed the ridge lines we could look down on clouds or out into the distance where a new set was forming. Hope Michael and all of you enjoy.


  1. The views are breathtaking. The sharpness and clarity of the flowers is remarkable. Such tiny details. Interesting that I have some of those flowers in my drought-tolerant garden. Native plants, after all.

  2. Yes we do. I went out on the limb and took some from areas beside the road where they didn't stand a chance and transferred them to my new flower/herb garden.

    Then this morning I discovered the wild sections of my yard already had samples of them.

  3. I love it when clouds go that lovely dark slatey grey

  4. I just have no words for this except to say I can feel the peace. Utterly beautiful.

    Thank yo for the tutorial. I have streams on Flickr. I think I did a slide show on FB last year but it seems to have disappeared!

  5. How can anyone be untouched by such beautiful scenery?

  6. This photographer has an eye for the art in nature. Just lovely, Jacqui. I liked the last one with the close-up pines with that interesting light shining on them.


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