Friday, December 4, 2009

More Little Things

I have known friends that loved to do miniatures and never quite understood the attraction. It seemed like a lot of work for just a tiny little painting. Some of those friends worked in sizes way smaller than 4 x 4 so they might consider these new hand painted Christmas ornaments huge. And I am not sure I am going smaller but I did have a passing thought about 3 x 3 last night. Excuse the flash glare on the above photo.

Doing these little mission paintings was rather fun. I went for simplified versions of some of those I ordinarily paint. No balconies with latia railings. And while I toyed with the idea my spiral stars and soaring ravens seemed not to be possible either in this small format. But I did sign them. And last night I hung them on my tree.


  1. I like these versions. Ever thought of a set of Xmas cards?

  2. you mentioned flash in one of your pics? well it looks fine to me however, a photographer friend of mind told me to hold a piece of paper over the flash to stop the glare. You could tape it over the flash as well if your camera needs 2 hands. Use a thin piece of paper like tracing paper so the flash goes thru it.

  3. Kwika, every time I have made Xmas cards or note cards they have not sold enough to justify the effort. Used to make a few for me to send but anymore I don't send cards.

    AVA, that sounds like a wonderful tip. And of course I have tracing paper in abundance to use. Generally I shoot on a tripod and with ambient light on the aperture setting for formal pictures of my work. My studio during the day makes a wonderful place to shoot photographs. But your tip will work great for when I want to get that quickie picture without hassling with all the set up of tripod or waiting until day.

  4. Imagine the sound of hands clapping!
    What unique ornaments you've made for your tree!


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