Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poetic Journey - Winter of My Dismay

What is it about the final days of a year that seem so without hope at times? As if the new year will not belong to us but to others. And the woes of the previous year will follow us wherever we go.

The Winter of My Dismay

The blankets all tangled strangle my sleep
I fight to stay abed and put off the day
My pets hold me down
To keep me from flying away
Escaping the reality that waits
Please let me sleep.

The mornings are so dark
Matching my mood these days
Even the stars are wrapped in blankets of clouds
To stay warm and snug just a little longer
I wrap myself in comforter before my computer
One dim light and a mug of hot coffee.

The darkness and cold outside that circle
Are chilling to the soul
Prospects damp my spirit even more
Hope, when I can find it
Is warming for but a moment
The light so far away.

Spring seems impossible
In this my winter of dismay
Light and hope so very remote
I am not sure I want to make the journey
Just curl up in some snug corner of this endless maze
And sleep forever.

(c) J. Binford-Bell - December 29, 2009

And so begins this week's poetic journey. Hopefully you have something to offer us travelers which will lead us to the light. Your own or a favorite you wish to share. Just leave a comment with your web address (url). We are a multi-blog poetic journey.

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  1. Hello Jacqui, your poem like mine looks at the passage of time and the New Year approaching with some wistfulness and the search for hope.

    Your poem seems very dark and cold and wintry, which is no surprise given the season in your part of the world. Mine, ends on a brighter note. I wish that my little blue butterfly visits you very soon!


  2. 'Even the stars are wrapped in blankets of clouds' - such beautiful imagery! Happy New Year, Jacqui!

  3. Jacqui, you are such a great writer! Remember you are your own shining light. You control your power. You are a being of power in the Universe.

    While it is dark and cold these wintry mornings, that small beam of light from the lamp or the low glow of a fire, still can help with a cheery heart.

    May 2010 find you shining your own light!


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.