Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poetic Journey - Storm Warning

I took the above picture of the red sky dawn the day our current winter storm hit in earnest. Guess that red sky in morning/sailors take warning works in the mountains too.

Storm Warning

I looked out the window
And headed back to the kitchen
This day requires
Another coup of coffee
Another log on the fire.

Embracing my mug
Like Linus blanket
I begged for just a hint of sun
Some thin light through waves of white
A promise the snow would pass.

I wished for more logs
Beside the wood stove
Ignored the dogs
Who wanted a walk
Poured myself another mug of coffee.

Would the wind ease up a bit
Before I had to venture out
Make that trek to the wood shed
For more firewood
Can you get lost in 20 feet?

Another cup of coffee
Another biscuit for the worthless dogs
Who have never learned to fetch logs
Why must one throw a stick
For it to be returned.

Socks and boots, and muffler
Coat and hat and gloves
All needful things to venture out
Dogs sure this is a walk
To the woodshed. Just.

This stormy day
Of wind, and snow and cold
Requires another cup of coffee
Another log on the fire
A good book.

No way, dogs, do you need a walk.
Out of my easy chair.

(c) J. Binford-Bell, 12-08-2009

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  1. Winter, winter, winter! Sounds as though it has arrived with a vengeance in your part of the world, Jacqui.
    Good poem contrasting the cosiness inside with the wintry weather outside.
    A Spring will follow every winter...

  2. Sounds like me in Florida weather below 50 degrees... the fireplace & I have a love affair.

  3. It only got up to 19 F here today. Single digits tonight. But they are promising we will rise above freezing on the weekend and will get more snow. I'm making the necessary mental adjustment and also putting another blanket on the bed.

  4. You are going to force me to awaken earlier!


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