Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Mission Churches

San Antonia de Pudra in Questa
I am painting a new round of missions this week and am at the matching drawings to available canvas and cradled board. With the canvas other sizes and shapes can always be stretched. So in addition to the two new churches I have sketched I was looking back through some of my earlier missions to see if there is one I want to re-do maybe larger. The one above is 12 x 12 by it is a very impressive mission and would look wonderful say 14 x 14. And maybe on the square instead of diagonal.

Basking in the Sun

This was always one of my favorites and like the one above it sold quite quickly. And I think I would like to do it larger and on the square. Or is it the diagonal that makes it intriguing?
Gentle Night

I redid the top mission in a night scene and I rather liked it at night. It too sold quickly. Another that sold very fast was my first larger church. I used to do all my missions in a smaller format but Hot was 16 x 20 I believe. I have never done a night version of this church. Nor does it, and the ones above,  have sheep which have become an increasing signature of my missions.

I think it is very important for all artists to photograph their work And to keep their sketches. It is very good to look back at your work from time to time if for no other reason but to mark your progress. Looking at these paintings above I see where my style has grown and my technique improved and if the subject is worthy they why not repaint them. Monet did water lilies over and over. Time to delve through the flat file for the sketches of these works and give them more consideration.

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