Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I do between paintings

Malachite Necklace with silver cross and accents

Thought I would post my latest re-creation. I say re-creation because the cross was made by a Native American craftsman and once hung on a silver chain. And the necklace was a gift and included a weird assortment of bead shapes and gold plated beads.

Malachite is suppose to bring you wealth or money and the necklace was given to me by a friend that wished to bring me abundance. I just never wore it much. It hung funny. And the cross would not slip over the bigger beads in the necklace. Besides it was silver and the necklace had gold in it - not that I don't frequently mix metals. I was between knitting projects while watching a couple DVD's and decided to redo this necklace. Which brings me to where I began with jewelry making.

It was and still is in my estimation a hobby but as I agreed to go with my jeweler friend, Jessica Duke, to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show it dawned on me that perhaps I was getting rather deep into this whole business to call it a hobby much longer. I find myself setting limits. I certainly do not want to spend a fortune to be able to solder and cast, but I love the metal bending and cold join approach. And I find creating beaded necklaces (or re-creating them) very relaxing. Come summer I may add some necklaces to my things for sale in my studio. Mostly to fund my hobby.

Oh, BTW, I also made the horse sculpture I am using as a prop. Sculpture is also something I do between paintings.

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  1. Great sculpture, I love it!
    Godo to see your other talents, Jacqui!


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