Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poetic Journey - My Spot in the Sun

Was going through photographs of my aspect of finishing the studio after I let the contractor go and found this from the summer of 2008. The three plants in the corner have gotten larger and now share their space with more plants. The tomatoes on the right were a noble experiment but blocked too much of my sun. That is in a huge part what the studio is about - Sun and the warmth it provides as passive solar to the rest of my house.

This poem is about the sun in the studio on a winter afternoon.

That Spot

In the midst of winter
Seeking that spot
Vying with the cats
And dogs
For that treasured warmth
The fleeting spot in the sun.

The angling sun
Still low on the snow-capped horizon
Shines coolly outside my windows
But graces our winter days
With illumination and warmth
Sun Spots on the tile
Pools of warmth on the chairs
Plants hugging window sills
For their spot in the sun.

The circles of light move
As the sun traverses the treetops
Dogs inch across the floor
The cats change chairs
I inch mine around
Unwilling to relinquish
The warmth of its touch on my shoulders

A gentle mid-winter's day
Of chasing sunspots
Across the room
Warming chilled bones and muscles.

Oh, to be a gecko
On a sun-baked outcrop of sandstone
With naught to do but bask
In that so warm spot
Of winter sun.

(c) Jacqui Binford-Bell
January 2010

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  1. Your poem brought to mind Wallace Stephens, a realist whose poetry I've always loved. And I well remember that Rocky Mountain sun that warms the earth in your parts around 322 days of the year. Like you, I often would find such a sunny spot, vying with my then Himalayan cat for the best spot to bask and snooze within such warming rays. Oh, I do miss those,

  2. Wonderful, warm and sunny poem. UK is in deep snow now, so a joy to read, :)

  3. Beautiful, serene and happy poem, Jacqui. Good to see that little blue butterfly came over to you for a visit! ;-)

  4. The words themselves create the feeling of warmth...


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