Friday, January 8, 2010

Time for a Creative Escape

Received some of my first fair/event invitations this week and it dawned on me with alarming clarity that I have not actually finished a painting in the new year.

I have an artist friend that is trying to post a painting a day on her website. I want to say she works with a media that allows that - oil pastels and so that is easy.  But I just have been feeling too fragmented to give my attention to creating anything of beauty.

Oh, sure, I have done a sketch there and a transfer here. Stretched a new canvas. Plotted out some ideas for the heralded triptych I want to do. But my life has been taken up with depression and worry and getting documents in line for the upcoming court date - January 20th. The real world has taken center stage, and well it should really because if I lose my house then I lose my studio.

But working creatively does relax my spirit and recharge my energy. So my goal is to force myself into the studio this weekend. There will be nothing I can do on the legal list of documents to round up. I have done well this week to fill the holes per my attorney's list. The weather will be sunny and in the 40's so the studio will be light and warm. I began this post today with photograph I want to render in paint. It was in my file of art ideas and I noticed a couple others there that excite me.

Monday I need to go back to the "real world" but I think a weekend creative escape is past due.


  1. Love the photograph. Just think, hundreds of years ago, a native stood in that same passage looking out into the morning light thinking about his day and what needed to be done. Can't wait to see the painting!

    Have a great weekend! --Jess

  2. Making art this weekend will be good for your soul--(and a well deserved time for yourself!)

  3. Some of the best art works were driven by less than ideal circumstances.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.