Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art or Snapshot?


I have found a group of photographers to explore the realm of the possible with. I am going to call it digital art. But given the things I used to do in a black and white darkroom during college I think it is still totally permissible to call it photography.

Devotions above is the current state of play with a photograph I originally took as merely a snapshot in Mesa Tower at Desert Overlook on the rim of the Grand Canyon. I say snapshot because I was in a recording mode with my digital camera. I had taken this ten day vacation with my sister to be inspired to paint again, and to get some wonderful photographs that were not on film, and spend some time with my sister.

We are both photographers be it as a hobby or an art form that we are pursuing. As such there were times we set up tripods with a specific purpose in mind like sunrise in the Grand Canyon that morning. And times when you just point at an interesting juxtaposition of colors and shapes and snap.

The original photo
The lighting in the Mesa tower was challenging. My Nikon, on auto, was confused. A time existed, like with film, I would have tossed this particular photo but I loved the shapes so downloaded to my computer I ran it through my post processing program.

Heightened color
My first thought had been to just adjust for brightness and contrast and see what I got. But I couldn't stop just there. I had to push the saturation level and hues because if nothing else I wanted to use it for a painting idea. And I still might.

But I was inspired by those friends of mine to add some texture to the photograph. And that gave me the opening photo Devotion. It is an artistic statement within itself. Will I still do a painting of this subject? Yes, I might. But more as a concept and with addition or rearrangement of elements. Or I may have the photograph printed on canvas and sign it.


  1. I really like the finished piece.

  2. Interesting post, Jacqui. The technology nowadays blurs the distinction between photography for its own artistic merit, or processed into more "arty"-looking, painterly pieces, such as the manipulated photograph printed on canvas...
    I like the last image!

  3. Sorry, Jacqui. I like the original best. I looked at it for about 30 minutes. I then spent about 30 minutes carefully writing three medium-size paragraphs (about as long as this one). Clicked preview, choosing Google Account for identity, logged in to Google, and got...

    Sorry, your request cannot...

    The memory cache is empty...

    What I wrote does not exist.

    Perhaps I can recreate it sometime.

    I should have logged in first. I should have copied my comment and saved it to a disk file before clicking any Google buttons. This was first time posting in Blogger to a Blog in which I do not have author rights. I'm sorry.

  4. It's great to see a train of thought so similar to my own! I think once a photograph inspires an artist to play with colour and texture via a computer, the 'art' wins out on the 'snapshot' definition. ♥

  5. Intriguing photo and developments on it. Are those cave paintings ?

  6. Copies of petroglyphs found in the area, Tigerbrite.

  7. Ah, rock carvings of course have more longevity, there are some near here in Spain evidenced as being thousands of years old. Fascinating.


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