Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bird of a feather

Raven Chatter by J. Binford-Bell

Bird of a feather

Of Edgar Allan
Standing so still
Not on a door or window sill
But a log of petrified wood.

Poe's bird of Nevermore
Speaking nonsense in the desert sun
Not a midnight dark and gloomy
Cocking head to stare
Fixing me with its stony gaze.

I stood and stared back
Waited for him to fly away
But still he stood as if wanting 
To speak to me
Relay some important message.

I crept close with camera
To listen to the whispers from his feathers
Or capture his spirit in pixels
And he opened his beak
And cackled. 

The breeze ruffled his feathers
I waited for him to fly
But still so stoically he stood
Not until I walked away
Did he fly.

Had he been waiting for me
Some message to pass on
Not nevermore
Poe's raven had it wrong.

J. Binford-Bell
November 2011


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