Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magpie Tales - I wonder

Woodward and Newman posted by Magpie Tales

I Wonder

When I see
People kissing
Are both

Are their noses
In the right place
Their teeth brushed
Is the kiss

Or are they
About what the other 
Must think.

Am I doing this right
Is this as awkward
As it is going to get
Will the next kiss
Be Bliss?

Are these just my insecurities
Or do others
About their tongues
The shoes on the bed
Worried about who
Is looking?

Will I get
Another chance
To do this

Jacqui Binford-Bell
November 2011

I often am transported by the Magpie prompt for the week but this one just made me itch. I worried about the wrinkles on the bed and the shoes, and how long they had to hold that pose for the photographers.  It all transported me back to my early days of kissing. 


  1. Nose can be problematical! LOL

  2. We have infinite opportunity for getting it 'just right.' Nice Magpie!!

  3. Can't imagine anyone can kiss comfortably in a photoshoot. Good Magpie

  4. You're right; they should at least taken off their shoes. :-)

  5. I'm sure we all worried about whether or not we would 'get it right' or if we were doing it right! Who doe one practice with?? Nice take - took me back too,

  6. An amusing one, Jacqui! Well written!

  7. they say that when you see a love scene in a movie, and the lovers look like they are kissing so perfectly, it's not very comfortable


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