Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Magpie Tales 90 - Cemetery Strolls

Magpie Tales by Tess Kincaid

Cemetery Strolls

Just Mother and Me
Seeing the sights
In ancient Rome
Old World Cemeteries.

All those miles in a stroller
All those centuries of history
Names carved in marble
Shelley, Keats, Bellini, 
Sir Thomas Moore and Michelangelo.

Cathedrals and cemeteries
Frescos and fountains
Fables and myth
Etched into a young mind
Recorded on Kodak film.

Albums of photographs
Recording me at two
Before Bellini's crypt
On the square at St. Peter's
Memorial to martyrdom.

At times most alone
I go to cemeteries
Walk among the monuments
To lives I never knew
And feel at home.

J. Binford-Bell
November 2011

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  1. A bit playful, a bit wistful. Loved the ending.

  2. Rich history here Jacqui that you magically brought to life. I too was taken here, there and everywhere and it's only with age that I came to realize the privileges I had and didn't appreciate. If I could do it all again I promise I would not be bored and say 'when you've seen one church, you've seen them all'!!

    Great read - love the last verse.

  3. Beautiful tribute to the Old Country and to Kodak film...

  4. You have described my dream ... one day I will get there! Lovely write.

  5. Fables and myth
    Etched into a young mind

    Lucky you! ♥

  6. You've got to love parents like that! Beautiful poem, Jacqui with its restrained imagery and wonderful message.

  7. Beautiful words and wonderful images. Delightful.

  8. I enjoyed this journey vacariously, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! Beautiful images yet done with some sparseness, the way a memory would hold it. So much seen here. Lovely work.

  9. you never fail to impress.

    welcome sharing a random or relevant poetry with us today.



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