Monday, September 3, 2012

Creativity on demand?

Summer Night by Albert Bloch 1913 a Magpie Prompt

The visitor to my studio asked
How does that work?
Can you just turn it on?

I thought as he waited
How does it work?
No, and yes maybe?

Is there a switch
Sometimes yes
It is finding it that's the issue.

Can one just sit down
Pick up a brush or a pen
make creativity flow like magic?

But a word, a phrase
A trick of the light
can turn it on at the least convenient times
Creativity is fickle.

Sadly, alas
This week's Magpie prompt
Did nothing for me
Creativity is temporarily lost.

J. Binford-Bell
September 2012

Thanks anyway to Tess Kindcaid, the mistress of The Mag


  1. Ha.Ha.Ha. Your poem is funny. And true! How I've tried to explain this to my husband with no luck...he thinks I should be able to sit down and pen a novel as easily I do the dishes or iron clothes. Oh well.

  2. ha and sometimes that happens...we can only demand so much of the muse...smiles.

  3. . . . but this is a work of creativity:-) Well done!

  4. Well considering creativity is lost, you turned out a delightful piece of creative work.

    (To date I'm stumped).

  5. Perhaps too many other things on your mind to let creativity slip through.

  6. Very creative JB squared ! . Creativity is a room of requirement , i sometimes think, she responds to spiritual need !


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.