Monday, September 17, 2012


After the Rain by J. Binford-Bell

I love hollyhocks. But I have not been successful at growing them on my property. So I go off with my camera and seek them in my friends' gardens. I have learned a lot by attempting to capture them in digital form. They are not easy. First any gentle breeze sets their long stalks waving in the wind.

Bashful by J. Binford-Bell

And then the camera has a real challenge on where to focus. But you can wind up with delightful accidents like the one above of the shadows cast on a wall. And the flowers themselves have an incredible depth which becomes a focus issue. Then there is the color. Red, their most common color, is not known as an easy for photographers.

In the Spot Light by J. Binford-Bell

The structure of the flower makes them very tempting for a black and white treatment. It is a flower with veins and petals that filter the light.

Just the Facts by J. Binford-Bell

Looking away by J. Binford-Bell

While at the same time its very simplicity makes it a wonderful palate upon which to play digitally.

Enameled Hollyhocks by J. Binford-Bell

Next summer I am focusing my gardening attentions on successfully raising some of my own photography subjects.


  1. Very pretty, my grandma and mom grew those, I can't seem to get them to grow here either.


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