Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Exhibition


Fall colors have a small window of opportunity and are so governed by weather. Even the rain in the summer can effect the brilliance of the colors in September. And fall rains can strip the trees of leaves or drain the color from them. You pick your date, make your plans and hope. Jessica and I picked the 26th. It rained the 25th. And Wednesday morning the valley was cloaked in fog.

Let there be light
Both photography and Aspens are about light. They are just yellow until the sunlight is filtered through their leaves and then they can turn the very air yellow.

All in a row

With good timing, good weather, right location and patience to wait for the sun co come back out from behind the cloud anyone can take a good Aspen photo. But those that have photographed them over and over are always looking for something a bit different.

Reflections of glory

In the color

Jessica waiting for the sun

Foreground can also be quite important. So nice that my photographic partner wore the right color to set off the scene. Both of us picked orange/peach colors because it was bow season for elk.

Besting the pines

The dark green of firs can make the aspens look even more gold. And one should not overlook the landscape the aspens grow in. And often with cottonwoods that go gold at the same time.

Fall spilling down the valley

But sometimes there is one tree that is so glorious you cannot help but focus in on just it.

Probably this weekend will be another great time to get out and take pictures. We went up to almost 10,000 feet for some of these pictures. Fall comes later in the lower valleys. I have been watching the aspens that grow in my neighborhood and hoping for no rain or hail to tarnish their performance.


  1. These are wonderful, I was able to see those when I did my Grand Canyon trip in early Oct several years ago. Breathtaking.

  2. Wonderful photos! Thanks so much for sharing them and your insights about photography :)

  3. Unbelievable. I've said it before and I'll say it again 'National Geographic'.


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