Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 22 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 148 - Swallows over the Rio Grande
Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

The photographic week began slowly, and found me looking back at other May photo folders. Swallows Over the Rio Grande was taken on a day of spectacular photographs and so slipped to the back of my consciousness. Another pass through the 200 plus photos I took on that particular day recovered this gem. The swallows did not show up on the thumbnail. Pays to slideshow through your photos more than once.

Day 149 - Rain on the distant mountains

And another photo from that same day. Not overlooked but shuffled behind in posting. I post photos in so many ways other than just the 365 Day Challenge albums. The black and white treatment of clouds made a blog or two and here and there an album. But this one does deserve pride of place.

Day 150 - On the Road to Raton

Then it was off to Raton again with the camera in the passenger seat. And a chance to record more noisy clouds and finally a bit of green. Various framings of this scene made my cover photo on Facebook all too briefly, and a blog on reveal truth in Sidetracked Charley. The new green of the trees made this photo so black and white treatment obviously was not going to work.

Day 151 - The Under a Dark Cloud

Taken the same day as Day 150 above it. Same road within just a few miles. Just looking a different direction. In fact I was photographing some stock pens and took my advice of looking behind me. None of the stock pen photos made the cut this week. Obviously one of those subjects which needs another look.

Day 152 - Makeshift Memorial
Rio Grande Gorge

Not sure why this one popped into the middle of the week. It came from the folder of the first two photos in this week. And was one not posted in the previous week.  I end up with more pictures as possibles in each week and sometimes they do not get pride of place and sometimes they get shuffled to the next week. And it got posted the morning I was heading out to another photo trek. Once again to Raton.

Day 153 - How Much is that Doggy in the Window

This time I took my photography buddy, Jessica Duke. That is her reflection in the window. I was into reflections on main street Trinidad, Colorado. This one with my friend, the dog and the street behind  was an obvious winner. I am told the gallery dog's name is Loosa, short for Appaloosa. Jessica is chimping. That is where you review the photos you just took in the window on back of your camera. We do not know why chimping but it has become our new favorite photography term.

Day 154 - Ode to a Canary

I will end the week with the miner's canary. It is a huge sculpture in Trinidad of a canary in a cage. It stands by the Coal Miner's Memorial. I snapped off a couple quick "we-were-here" sort of reference pictures but could not resist a couple more artistic shots of the subjects. Maybe next week you will even get the Coal Miners.

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