Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 24 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 162 - Reflections of Main

This last week was a lot about looking back. I was going through photo files on my computer for a couple prospective clients they wanted photos which fit within a certain criteria. And while at that it seemed a good time to single out some photos for upcoming submissions to exhibitions. I had also discovered some post processing sequences that worked better than what I had done before. And that was true of the photo above.

Day 163
 And when you go through files a second time you often notice photos you ignored when you first reviewed the file. If you up load 100 to 300 digital images you mind goes to the ones that really worked. That is usually just a handful. But the second time through you will notice others that had merit and got lost in the shuffle. The architectural detail above and the detail of wall below both fit in that category.

Day 164
So I was firmly on not taking photos mode. Life was really busy last week between finding and processing photos for clients, the needs of a good friend, and a new fire closer to home. The latter got me watching the skies more. Trying to pick out smoke columns from clouds. And I erred with the White Peak fire. But the clouds were wondrous.

Day 165
 No rain from this set of clouds which never seemed to cover the entire sky. It was black and heavy over my house but a blue sky to the southeast taunted me all day. But when these clouds finally cleared out new clouds moved in after dark and rained. Really rained.

Day 166
Mind on clouds I came across this unprocessed photo in one of my Trinidad folders and noticed the dark sky in it. I combined that with a few new dry darkroom techniques and got a new look at an old building.

Day 167

But the camera came back out with more clouds, and the detail below of an old cold cellar. The light that day was not conducive to a great photo so I have since grabbed the camera again and retaken the details of the door and hardware. And those images like the old days of film are still in the camera. Sometimes life just gets in the way of creative pursuits. 

Day 168

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