Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 25 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 169 - Door and Windows
The week began normal enough. I was still reviewing photographs taken in the previous couple of weeks. The trips to Trinidad, Colorado and Val Vidal, New Mexico had certainly provided a wealth of photographic ore to mine. The camera was going out with me every day but not being used that much or that productively. Nothing seemed quite as inspiring as the photos already taken.

Day 170 - Old postcard
But I was getting a bit bored as indicated by the Old Postcard above. But the post processing of this cliff face seemed to cry for a 1950's era postcard treatment. Nobody promised that every photo posted in the 365 day challenge would be a gem. But it did inspire me to more actively take photographs.

Day 171 - Old Barrow

The Old Barrow stands against my fence to the left of my gate. I debate back and forth what to do with the old wheel barrow abandoned by the contractor from hell. It needs a new tire but I have a much newer barrow that also needs a new tire. I think from time to time it would make a neat planter for something. The jury is still out but it did make for a neat picture.

Day 172 - Black Shells

And a friend is vacationing on Amelia Island off the upper coast of Florida. The black shells in this still life I had collected there decades ago not because they were spectacular sea shells but because they were black. I understand from my friend there are now no shells. So was this the result of whatever made my shells black? BTW there is a story behind my vacation on Amelia Island and I have promised my friend to pen it.

Day 173 - Corpse on the Hill

And then it occurred to me I was missing the color in my portfolio. Another friend had remarked my palette of late had changed. Artists can ignore such remarks even from other artists but when I was post processing the aspens on the hill, which have appeared before in glorious fall colors, it occurred to me he might just be right. So I abandoned my attempt to make them black and white.

Day 174- Proud Mary

Or Proud Mary black and white. Title? Yes, sort of strange. Where my mind had taken me. The inverted V was reminding me of a boat prow and the upward slant of pride. Which reminded me of the poem "When I am Old I will Wear Purple. I was back. With more pond scum. But the week ahead will be glorious.

Day 175

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