Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 23 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 155 - Stairway to Heaven at 224?

On June 1st I took another photographer and friend back to Trinidad to explore what I missed. Photographers are always sure they have missed something. We are already planning another trip because in addition to thinking we have missed something we are also sure we can get a better picture if only the light were different or we had the bed of the pickup to stand in. Frankly I think this picture, which I missed the first time, is best from the lower angle. Maybe next time I will back up just a hair and kneel.

Day 156 - the Grand Opera House

Really disappointed that I missed this one my first visit. But Jessica and I walked a couple blocks further down West Main and discovered lots of things. But his edifice is just to wonderful. And on the next trip to Trinidad, Colorado I must explore more of the building.

Day 157 - Now there are two

Followers of my blogs and my photos will remember my picture of this alien sign from my previous trip across the border. My photography partner was trying to get a picture of the moon through the opening and I was bored and walked a few steps down to be out of her way and find out what business it advertised. It is oddly enough a photography gallery. And the windows provided me with this great reflection and duplication.

Day 158 - No Sales today

I confess I took this image on my first trip to Trinidad but I have been playing with a new processing trick I discovered in the dry darkroom of the second trip photos and revisited trip number one photos. I understand this building is haunted. It certainly has haunted me.

Day 159 - Devastation

Thursday I was lured away from my studio and computer to revisit the Val Vidal. This comes under the heading of familiarity would lead to better photos classification of photographer rationalizations. And to some degree they are right. It will. I would rather not say how many photos I have taken of this burn scar from a forest fire of several years ago. I was trying to capture the feel of it. On this trip the clouds cooperated and with a bit of post processing looked alarmingly like smoke.

Day 160 - Set in brick

Back to trip one to Trinidad. Another photo which benefited from learning at a later date. A good reason to not totally cull all the photos out of a file. 

Day 161 

I took this photo on trip two to Trinidad for a friend I thought would appreciate it. And she did. And so did I. I have six different post processing versions of this one. And for my photoshopping friends, I did not use layering. This is the photo as taken with no cropping and just a reduction of hue and saturation. All else is reflection off of glass and shiny floors of stain glass windows and light. Sometimes you just get lucky.

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  1. Week 23 was a great week for photography. I love what you did with these photos.


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